Many popular websites in Thailand expect the outstanding qualities of web hosting service and different from other providers. The hosting that provides the best server performance and the great supporting team. Take a close look. What we are offering you below.

Our servers are located in both Thailand and other countries around the world

High Performance Server

We currently use high quality hardware for our servers to provide the best service for our customers, to prolong the useful life of servers, and to avoid any trivial problems occurring with customers’ websites. The information of our Servers is detailed below.

  • Dual Xeon E5-2600v4 Processor 2.10 GHz 20MB cache (16 Core = 32 Thread)
  • RAM: 32 GB Buffered ECC DRR-4 2133MHz
  • HDD: Seagate 4 x 4TB Enterprise Series 128 MB SATA-3 Hot-Swappable
PORAR have servers in both Thailand and other countries around the world that allow you to select the most suitable place for locating your website directly targeting your customer. For example if your target customers or visitors are Thai or your website displayed using Thai language, you can choose our server in Thailand to locate your website that meaning visitors can access your website extremely quickly.

Server located at IDC that have the high speed link and backup

Fastest International Link With Backup
Our company has carefully created the network. We have servers located with 3 main internet data center (IDC) in Thailand, INET (Internet Thailand PLC), ISSP (Internet Solution and Service Provider Co., Ltd), and CS LoxInfo Public Co., Ltd.

To have different location helps reduce Down Time. Especially, we have spread DNS Server and Mail Gateway to each internet service provider. If error occurs to one of those providers, e-mail system and customers’ websites are still working.

Moreover, we have bought international links for our servers group only in order to offer more convenient when customers launch the websites abroad. Although, the main link connecting to foreign countries has error, the websites are still running properly.

The speed of connecting links from IDC which we use are as followed. (Update September 2012)

IDC Domestic International
INET 2 Gb/s 20Gb/s - - 550 Mb/s 51 Mb/s - 100 Mb/s -
ISSP 20 Gb/s - - 4 Gb/s 500 Mb/s 256kb/s 400 Mb/s - -
CS-Loxinfo 10 Gb/s - 20 Gb/s - 600 Mb/s 1 Gb/s - - 5 Gb/s

We always support advanced technology with Highest quality

Hosting with Lastech Technology
We always pay attention to modern technology. We are amoung the first to provide Cloud Server in Thailand and also provide Python, JSP/Servlet, Ruby and node.js hosting that have only a few in Thailand. We welcome open-minded clients to try new technology by joining our web hosting service.

Besides we recognize the significant of various operating systems that is suitable for distinct customers. Because of that our web hosting service offers in both operating systems Windows and Linux that can accept all script i.e. HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Java, JSP/Servlet, Python, Ruby, Perl and database management applications i.e. MS Acess, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, mongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Redis and MS SQL Server possessing a copyright from Microsoft can be used on our servers.

Efficient Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus in Our Email Server

Email with Antivirus and Antispam
Nowadays, the problem of junk mails and spam mails seems to be the big problem. Researchers reveal that the spread of virus is mainly from sending Virus e-mails or spam e-mails to another computers

Our mail server is running by Postfix and Dovecot, The best Mail Server in the world right now. We also have Spamassasin software with multiple antispam technic to protect your email from any kind of spams.

Control Panel have Thai and English versions, easy to use

Hosting Control Panel
Our Hosting Control Panel system is now developed by our professional staffs. The design is created to satisfy the customers' needs and to offer more convenient in using the control panel. New Control Panel system has many advantages as indicated below.

  • Able to manage files through web
  • Able to manage and set e-mail such as Forward, Alias or Autoresponse and able to limit your e-mail used space
  • Able to manage database of MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server
  • 3D site statistics
  • Others such as backup file, Password Protection settings

99.99% UPTIME Warranty

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Web Hosting has the most important thing in running business that is "Making customers' websites 24 hours online and always available to visit the websites because downtime only 1-2 hours will cause troubles such as flight reservation website, or e-commerce website, they may lose large amount if downtime occurs.

Our hosting then recognize the significant of Downtime issue and will avoid it. In this case, we have a policy of 99.99% uptime warranty. We will return your service charge if you are not pleased.

FREE! Domain Name renewal throughout using period

Domain Name Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal
For our new customer using our web hosting service, you will pay for registration service charge only the first year.

After our customer process to renew hosting in the next year, we will do this process for our customer immediately. It is easier for our customers. It helps reduce the complicated expense.

Although PORAR pay for our customer's registration service charge, the right of Domain Name possession is still the customer's.

Experienced staffs are always ready and standby 24 hrs.

Support 24/7 Service
Our company has been in the service of Hosting for many years. With our experienced and skilled staffs, we can offer you the best advise and service.

Moreover, we have manage to save our customer details in database properly and securely. Our staffs will be able to check and sort the problems out with not trouble.

Customer Service support is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Telephone: Call 02-6940299 ext 3 or 02-6940177
  • Live Chat: Click on Live Chat button
  • Facebook Chat: go to our Facebook Fanpage here
  • Email: Submit your message on contact form or send directly email to