Our Control Panel system is newly developed by our professional staffs. The design is created to satisfy users and to offer more convenient while using our Control Panel.

New version of our Control Panel system has many advantages as indicated below.

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We provide various menus which cover all functions

Control Panel with full features

Our Control Panel system displays two versions, Thai and English. We have also added more menus to support users better. Users can manage their websites independently. New additional menus are

  • Edit Account Information
  • Change Password
  • Scheduled Task Setting
  • MIME Type Setting
  • On-Off ASP.NET
  • Checking Using Space
  • Password Protection Folder
  • Website Backup on demand
  • E-mail Manager
  • FAQ

We have upgraded new version of "Site Statistics"

New Site Statistics

Site Statistics has been upgraded to the new version which has new features such as

  • Calculate from Hits and Session
  • Provide Forecast system for predicting the amount of web visitors in the future
  • Support Web visitors analyzed from region and country
  • Display details from Search Engine such as google.com, yahoo.com and also keywords yahoo.com

Using Disk Space will be displayed results in graphic style

Disk Space with graphic display

In the new Control Panel, it provides the system for users to check out their using space all the time and it also shows in Graphic Style in the blue box on the right side.

Besides, system will display in Graphic Style in sub menus which allow you to check using space from your MySQL database.

reate new e-mail, limit using space, and check all users' spaces

Back Up your website on demand

User is able to limit e-mail space of each account such as you can set e-mail space to have more space than other e-mail account. The total space will be not over the specified space of each plan.

Moreover, a webmaster can check using space of all accounts through our Control Panel system. It benefits both webmaster and users.

You can backup and download all website data instantly

Back Up your website on demand

Our Backup On Demand system will give you more convenient by letting users Backup all website data by themselves. When users click the button of Create Backup in Control Panel, the system will process to zip website file and be ready for download that file back to users' computers immediately.

This system offers you more convenient to backup website data. Besides, you can backup MySQL and MS SQL Server database yourself.

Scheduled Task is a new service to offer you more convenient

Schedule task to access your website

Scheduled Task offers you more convenient. You can set the website to be launched in the period of time you want, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can apply Scheduled Task with your system through our new version of Control Panel system.

This service will notify you about your tasks such as monthly payment and daily data transfer. After setting, the system will run automatically and alert on the scheduled period.

New version of Database Management is provided

Back Up your website on demand

MySQL and MS SQL Server Database can be connected and managed directly through MySQL GUI Tools and MS SQL Enterprise Manager instantly.

Moreover, you can manage and adjust your database directly through website. It is a good option for users to create, delete, and edit their website databases themselves.