Thai Domain Name can be registered by using Thai alphabets name such as โพลาร์.com เว็บ-โฮสติ้ง.com. Thai Domain Name is a new standard called IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) which is available for all browsers. Now, Thai Domain Name has 2 endings, .com and .net.

Advantages of Thai Language Domain Name

  1. Get the desired and easily recognized Domain Name

    For a Domain Name which is difficult to spell from Thai into English or which can be written in different ways such as "สวัสดี", sawasdee or sawaddee, internet users may be confused and can not access to the website they want. Therefore, Thai Domain Name will be easily recognized and promoted for Thais.
  2. Get better rank on Search Engines

    It is well-known that if your domain name is as same as Keywords on Search Engines such as, your website will be appeared on the higher rank. For example, you have registered for เว็บ-โฮสติ้ง.com. After type keyword "เว็บโฮสติ้ง" through, your website can be appeared in the first page and ranked on 1-3 level.

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Domain Name Table Price

Now, We can register Thai Language Domain Name 2 different types, The prices are different up to TLDs. Please check on the pricing list below.

TLDs 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years